Life and Family

Our Family Beginning

    Well it all started in January 2009 in Missouri. It was just me and Kendra and Aaliyah living on our own in a little country town. I would hang out with my best friend going to the night clubs. It got pretty old fast until one night I met my soul-mate I knew he was the one that night even though I wouldn’t admit it. He was in the army and was being stationed in Georgia (where he is also from). We hung out for a couple months til he moved. I figured that I wouldn’t hear from him again ( I hoped and prayed it wasn’t). Well he would still call me late at night while i was working. I decided to fly out and visit him (my first time flying FUN) I was only able to stay three days because I had to work.

    A couple of weeks after I returned home I found out Nevaeh was on her way. This would be his first kid so I was afraid to tell him. While I was on the phone with him  and  procrastinating  Aaliyah decided to tell him herself. Well I confirmed it when he asked if it was true. Silence filled the air for a few minutes then we got off the phone . I didn’t hear from him for a couple weeks (he was processing). Well it turned out alright we were still together. Fast forward nine months he was getting ready to deploy so we had my doctor induce me so he could be there for Nevaeh’s birth. Everything was going good that day inducing however was going so slow. It started picking up and Nevaeh’s heart rate would drop during contractions. The doc came in and said I needed a c-section (he thought the Umbilical cord was around her neck). But we just had to wait a little while he said we had time. That wasn’t going to happen cause two seconds after he said we had time contractions picked up fast so it became a emergency c-section. So i don’t really remember much after that after i came to they told me there wasn’t a thing wrong with her. So I knew from that moment she was going to be a major drama queen. She has been too. She knows she is cute and she will tell you that she is too. It was a long year without him to help. I said yes we he asked me to marry him in February 2011

  We spent about 2,000 dollars on a wedding. Wedding planning in two weeks with a lot of help from God and family and a complete stranger who I bought my dress from. We had the date, location, and everything else except we couldn’t find someone to marry us. I tried a preacher cause he wasn’t from around the area no luck. ( the area still had a lot of racism).   Well I went looking to find a dress we went to this one shop. Where the lady was so nice she helped me find a dress. And even worked with us on this price. (she took about 75-100 dollars off). We talked about needing someone to marry us and she just happened to be an ordained minister. She had an opening that day I was sold (I love that woman). Now we just needed the groom he got home on the 21st of April. He jumped on a plane the 22nd , we picked him up only to find out he forget his tux at his sisters house.

  We had to get the marriage license still finally we got. Then we had to hurry to rent him a tux at the shop where I got my dress.  It rained all night and all morning it stopped raining a couple hours before the wedding thankfully. Outside under a cloudy sky on April 23, 2011 we said our vows. God had it all planned just right and it did not rain until everyone left then it down poured. With all of Gods help I know we can weather just about anything. So this was our beginning……………..


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