Get To Know Me

Get To Know Me – Day 1

So today is the start of my new series Get To Know Me. If you missed yesterdays post I am posting on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram for 31 days. All platforms will hold something different so go ahead and check them out after you’re finished here I’ll link them below.

So today’s topic is……….

Songs from my childhood and why I chose them.

First I chose Purple People Eater So I chose this song because it’s fun and catching. How can anyone not like this song. It’s catchy cute and kid friendly. The movie is also cute. 000842_23

The second song I chose is The Unicorn I chose this song because I love unicorns. It is cute catchy and give a reason as to why there are no unicorns. I know they don’t and never have existed, but I can imagine can’t I. 71o0lpwszcl-_ss500_pjstripe-robin-largetopleft00

So that is my list today join me tomorrow for another song post.

What was a favorite song from your childhood and why? Leave your answers in the comments…

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