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Get To Know Me – Day 3

Day 3 already wow well if you are here thank you for stopping by. Today’s song subject is…..

The song that reminds me of my first car, why?

Well this is an easy one for sure. My choice is
Fun Fun Fun

Why? You ask well because my first car was a t-bird (thunder bird) and I drive it everywhere. I so loved that car I missed that car. I think I want another one. I would crank up the sound and jam to this song. Driving all around the dirt roads in Missouri I miss dirt roads too.

So now when I hear this song it takes me back to those summer days jamming in my car to my cars theme song. Yes my car had it’s own theme song. I don’t remember listening to The Fun Fun Fun” target=”_blank”>Beach Boys as a kid but this song caught my attention in my 20’s thanks to my smoke gray t-bird.

So do you have a song that reminds you of your first car? if so please leave it in the comments I’d love to know what’s yours is.

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