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Just A Penny? Inspirational Sunday #6

How can a penny not be just another penny? So this past week I was doing a 3 day sun up to sun down fast. I was trying to strengthen my relationship to God and to do what he told me to do several years ago. I have been stressing about this blog and my YouTube channel and wanting to make it my full time job before I start back to school. Also what I should write about today.

I was thinking about writing about a book I started reading but I haven’t finished yet. I am going to finish reading that this week. As I was struggling with it and not knowing what to do I just tried not to think about it and go on about my day.

So I went to Walmart for something for dinner and wondered around a bit.  I checked out and was headed to the car. I always look at the ground while I walk in parking lots you never know what you will find. As I walked I saw a penny tails up and just walked on by it and all the sudden something told me to pick up the penny so I backed up. I picked up the penny and I looked at it, it was a normal penny. Looking at it thought what so special about this penny then i flipped it over. I looked at the year, and do you know what I saw 1982 the year I was born.

Just a penny
My sign for God letting me know I’m loved and everything will be alright

My heart jumped I believe it was a sign from God letting me know everything was going to be alright. I was so thrilled that I received a sign, I always ask for a sign that I would know is a sign. I have trouble figuring what is from God and whats just made up by me.

How is it possible not to be a sign? It was the year I was born and I found it and I wasn’t even going to pick it up. I love the little thing in life God places in our lives. They are a blessing all we have to do is pick it up. I’m glad I listened and picked it up instead of thinking oh you don’t need it, it’s just a penny.

I placed the penny in a protected coin holder and on display above my desk to always remember with God everything is alright and I am loved. I’m glad I listened and picked it up instead of thinking oh you don’t need it, it’s just a penny.

“Their father spake unto them, and blessed them;
every one according to his blessing he blessed them.”
Genesis 49:28

So what is your thoughts do you think it’s just a penny? Or do you have your own sign from God you would like to share if so leave me a comment. I would love to here from you guys. Until next time know that you are loved.



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